Scrapbook Studio Tour: Papermint (!!)


You are not going to BELIEVE this papercrafting studio! I came across it on Pinterest this morning while drinking my coffee and my jaw dropped. Like, literally. It caused a coffee dribble down my chin and the whole scene wasn’t pretty.

But it was worth it.


papermint organized craft studio

Please go look at all the pretty pictures, then come back here so we can dish about it, K?

. . . Sets the scene

. . . Refreshes coffee

. . . Patiently waits while lovely reader checks out Papermint Studio pics

. . . Puts on some music (“Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey, if you must know)

. . . Checks watch …. erm … cell phone for the time. Gah! Hurry back, dear reader!


There you are.


What just happened? Can you frickin’ frackin’ BELIEVE that papercrafting studio?!?! Was it a figment of my overactive scrapmagination or does it really exist?

My first thought when I saw it was, “I have died and gone to Heaven.” My spiritual belief has always been that we get to pick our Heaven and, baby, that would be mine!

I usually do pretty quick posts with my, like, top 3 things I like about a scrapbooking or crafting space but this obviously deserves more. So here we go . . .

What I love (I mean, other than every. single. thing.):

– Oh, all that white cabinetry! Such a dream of mine, to have the whole room look cohesive and clean.

– Classy, pretty accents like the light fixture, computer chair, fresh flowers, and pretty bins and boxes.

– Supplies arranged in rainbow order {ROYGBIV}; it makes my everlovin’ organizational heart go pitter patter.

– All things of one type together: paints, flowers, ink, cardstock, ribbon, punches, etc. When she needs a specific thing, I bet she finds it in 1.2 seconds flat.

– Awesome iMac. Awesome big TV. I would never, EVER, leave that room. Srsly. “Dahling! Won’t you be a dear and bring mama some tea and crackers so I can continue with my scrapbook mojo? Thanks, Luv!”

– Color scheme of white, silver, and apple green with touches of turquoise, black, and pink. Swoon.

– All that wide white countertop. Wowee. You can spread out your Project Life or invite friends to scrap or help your kids with a big school project. Plenty a’ room.

The only slightly negative thing I can say is this: She doesn’t have enough washi tape.

And I do not feel sorry for her. {Hee. Sorry, Evil Erika comes out when I’m sooper dooper jealous!}

Okay, your turn! What do you think of this uh-MAY-zing papercrafting studio?